Data Repository of Passive Radar Measurements

Measurement Meta Data

Meta data version:
VEGA data set ID:
Measurement date:
19 12 2019
Measurement site:
Measurement objective:
Vecsés, Hungary
Test passive radar direction of arrival estimation and beamforming with the Kebreros SDR
Rx latitude:
Rx longitude:
Rx Hardware:
Rx unit ID:
Rx system versions:

Rx hardware:0.1

DAQ firmware: 0.2.1a

Surveillance channel antenna(s):
4 elment Minkowski fractal patch array
Reference channel antenna(s):
Surveillance antenna heading:
Reference antenna heading:
8 element Yagi
Surveillance channel indices:
1, 2, 3
Reference channel indices:
Surveillance antenna polarization:
H, H, H
Reference antenna polarization:
Measurement frequency:
IoO type:
IoO location:
Széchenyi-hill Budapest Hungary, Hármashatár-hill Budapest Hungary, Száva street Budapest Hungary
IOP latitude:
47.491706, 47.550133, 47.468719
IOP longitude:
18.979247, 19.001495, 19.125839
48, 38, 37
IoO polarity:
Configuration ID:
Surveillance ID:
Number of records:
CPI length:
109.22 ms
Data size:
2.3 GB
Data type:
Sampling frequency:
2.4 MHz
Additional comments:

Gains of the individual receiver channels are tuned separately. The actual gains values are stores in the IQ header.

Measurement setup:

KerberosSDR based data acquisition system

KerberosSDR based data acquisition system

At the measurement, the Kerberos SDR based DAQ is operated fully from battery.

View of the antenna setup

View of the antenna setup

Antenna system of the measurement

Antenna system of the measurement

The Quad element Minkowski fractal path antenna array at the front is used as the surveillance antenna array. The Yagi antenna of the reference channel can be seen behind it.

Reference Processing:

Channel source:

  • Reference channel: From channel number 0

  • Surveillance channel: Beamforming from channel numbers: 1, 2, 3

Clutter cancelation:

  • Prefiltering: None

  • Beamforming: MVDR

    • The direction of the main beam is specified explicitly for all the CPIs according to
      the real azimuth of the target, which has been obtained from FlightRadar 24 track data.

  • Time domain filtering: Wiener SMI MRE 

    • Dimension: 128​

Reference signal reconstrution:

  • None

Cross-Correlation detector:

  • Method: Overlap and save

  • Maximum range: 128 bistatic range cell

  • Maximum Doppler frequency: 417Hz

Automatic detection:​

  • Method: CA-CFAR

  • Noise power estimation windows size: 6 x 6 cell

  • Guard cells: 3x3 cell

  • Threshold: 10 dB


Identified targets:


Target ID:0

  • First time index : 504

  • Last time index : 746

  • Cooperative: No 

  • Target class: Airplane 

  • Target type: Airbus A320-232

  • Target Range-Doppler-Azimuth trajectory: Available

  • Real Target trajectory: Available – FlightRadar24 track

  • Available target detection performance metrics:

    • Delta (Target SINR)

Range-Doppler map animation of te reference processing
Range-Doppler map animation
Range-Doppler map animation of te reference processing
Hit matrix animation
View of the antenna setup