Experimental results

The experimental measurements were taken at the Ferenc Liszt Internation Airport at Budapest. During the measurements landing airplanes have been monitored.

IO parameters:

  • IO location: Széchenyi-hill, Hármashatár-hill, Száva street

  • TX power: 57.5, 6.8, 5.2 kW

  • Frequency: 634 MHz

  • Broadcast station: DVB-T "D" MUX

Processing parameters:

  • Bandwidth: 8.33 MHz

  • CPI: ~ 125 ms

  • Clutter filter: MVDR (Space domain)

In the animation below two landing airplanes can be observed. One sample corresponds to 36 m bistatic range.

The full trajectory of detected airplanes can be checked on the next picture: