Passive Radar Receiver and System Architectures

HeIMDALL - Zynq 4

The HeIMDALL Z4 demonstrator system is a propietary quad channel DVB-T based passive radar receiver and signal processor developed in the Remote Sensing Laboratory at BME. The HeIMDALL acronym is the unofficial name of the developed demonstrator that stands for Highly Integrated Multichannel Detector Applying non cooperative iLLuminators.


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HeIMDALL - Realtek SDR

This projects aim to test the capabilities of a low cost RTL-SDR based system for passive radar application.

7 channel RTL-SDR based passive radar receiver

Dual channal RTL-SDR based passive radar receiver

The first version with two coherent receiver channel is now operating.

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Kerberos SDR

Kerberos SDR is a quad channel Realtek-SDR based coherent receiver developed by the RTL-SDR blog.

Octa-channel KerberosSDR Based Demonstrator

System architecture and capabilities


A quad channel Realtek chipset based coherent software defined radio

The Kerbeos receiver can be used for passive radar and direction of arrival estimation.
This receiver is very unique of its kind due to the very low cost.

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Passive Radar Stations

Short summary on the main of the stations

Echo station with HeIMDALL Z4 receiver

A Quad channel DVB-T based passive radar receiver station has been established.

Fox station with HeIMDALL R7 receivers

Build up of an FM illuminator based passive radar station

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