Advanced Passive Radar Library

pyAPRiL is a python based DSP library which implements passive radar algorithms. All the implemented methods are tested and verified through real, field measurement data and simulations. The corresponding references are highlighted where applicable. Algorithms are researched and developed on real life DVB-T and FM based passive radar systems.

This is an open-source library, contributions are welcome!
This API implements the following main DSP functions
  • Channel processing algorithms that aims to prepare the reference and surveillance channels for the detection stage.

    • Beamforming for coherent multichannel receivers. [Released only in later versions]
      (These algorithms are able to synthesize the reference and surveillance beampatterns and to perform the beam-space processing on the raw antenna channels.)

    • Space, Time and Space-Time domain clutter cancellation [Partially released]
      (Filter the unwanted reflections and interference signals to obtain more clean radar channels before performing the detection).

    • Reference signal reconstruction, such as DVB-T re-modulation [Released only in later versions]
      (Aims to increase the reference signal purity both for the clutter cancellation and detection)

  • Passive Radar Cross-Correlation detector
    (Calculated the range-Doppler map. This processing is realized in a number of different calculation method.)
  • Constant False Alarm Rate algorithms CFAR [Released only in later versions]

  • Plot-extractor [Released only in later versions]

Installing from Python Package Index:

pip install pyapril

Github page:


Version history

  • 1.0.0 Initial version