pyArgus Signal Processing for Phased Array Antennas


This python package aims to implement signal processing algorithms applicable in antenna arrays. The implementation mainly focuses on the beamforming and direction finding algorithms. For array synthesis and radiation pattern optimization please check the "arraytool" python package. and by S. R. Zinka

This is an open-source library, contributions are welcome!


Named after Argus the giant from the greek mitology who had hundreds of eyes.




Implemented Algorithms
  • Beamforiming:

    • Fixed beamformers:

      • Maximum Signal to Interference Ratio beamformer

      • Maximum Signal to Interference Ratio beamformer with Godara's method

    • Adaptive beamformer:

      • Optimum Wiener beamformer (with known signal of interest direction)

      • MSINR with known covariance matrices

      • MMSE with known signal of interest

  • Direction of Arrival Estimation:

    • DOA algorithms:

      • Bartlett (Fourier) method

      • Capon's method

      • Burg's Maximum Entropy Method (MEM)

      • Multiple Signal Classification (MUSIC)

      • Multi Dimension MUSIC (MD-MUSIC)

    • Util functions:

      • Spatial correlation matrix estimation using the sample average technique

      • Forward-backward averaging

      • Spatial smoothing

      • DOA results plot with highlighting the ambiguous regions (Only for Uniform linear arrays)

Antenna Array Pattern Plot Features
  • Arbitrary configured planar antenna systems

  • Takes into account the pattern of the signal radiating elements

Demonstrations and documentations can be found on the following links:

Installing from Python Package Index:

pip install pyapril

Github page:

Version history

  • 1.0.0 Initial version